August 1, 2010

some good and bad news

Some good news: Stephen has received news that the background investigator will be delayed so his background investigation is not until next week. ( Giving him more time to prepare his paperwork and what not. ) I'm not sure that the news is on the dispatch job he applied for but we'll see. Our main goal is for him to get a job with the O.C Sheriff's so keep praying! Today is also a special today because Stephen and I will be picking up his oldest sister Amy from her writing conference. She is the last of the Pardini's I need to meet so I'm excited.

The bad news though. A special family is moving in two weeks and I'm very sad that they are leaving...although they will be moving to a much bigger house in Tennessee for the kids to grow and learn. God has called the Sartain's to move and they are doing it. Jeremy ( the husband ) is the co college group pastor and he was the first one I initially met. His wife ( Carol ) is an amazing woman who's grace and strength flows out from under feet unto anyone she comes across. They have three children ( Zach, 7 ) ( Abagail, 4 ) and ( Benjamin, 2 ). I baby sat for them a couple nights ago and they are just darling. Abby prayed before we had dinner and thanked the Lord for bringing me over to the house to play. Benji rolled his eyes at Zach's endless talk about Star Wars episode God knows what. And Zach fast forwarding to all the battle scenes and asking for more chips. I'm so saddened that sometimes you get to know a family and they end up moving away. They are such a great part of Voyagers Bible Church and they will be dearly missed....especially those little Sartain squirts. Stephen and I are going to swing by their place on the 7th to help pack. I'm praying they will fulfill the duties God has called them to do in Tennessee...but I'll be thinking about them nonetheless.


  1. Hi, I just came back from my vacation. Great to hear you are doing good. I am really happy things are going so well with you and Stephen.
    And congrats on getting over a hundred followers!

  2. gods got something quite big in store for them and i know the selfish feeling of wanting to see people who've helped you in your walk with christ stay near you forever. but it only teaches us to put more faith IN HIM and now you have amazing friends in Tennessee if you and stephen ever wanna get away :). i would love to come out to your church with you as well :)! i love going to good churches where people are being built up in the word.. its like mini-traveling and ur always amongst family <3

  3. hope stephen gets that job!!!!!
    too sad those kiddos are leaving they look adorable!! but they will have fun at their new place :)

    have a lovely week!!

  4. Sorry to hear about the bad news, thanks for your lovely comment!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. Oh, that's just so bittersweet! It's that mixed feeling of happiness and sadness to see them go. I'm happy to hear about the good news with Stephen, however! Yaay for penpals! I'm so excited; I love snail mail. :) So I'm going to a party this afternoon that Jake is throwing for me in honor of my birthday; I will take pictures! :)

    Hoping you are well,

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