August 4, 2010

praise reports of august thus far

Lucy is continuing to be a great asset to our family and has adapted quite well. I'm hoping the poop stains from time to time on my favorite pj's and jeans will stop...but it has been only a full week I believe since we've adopted her. We still can't get over how tiny she is ( compared to huge dogs we've had in the past. ) We can't stop picking her up, dressing her up and taking photos of her. I received a package from Minsquin like over a week ago and I keep forgetting to blog about it! She sent me the cutest little things and I've been wanting to share them with you! I don't even think she knows that I got it yet. haha. I should probably take a shower and get started on that.

P.S Some more exciting news! Stephen and I have some friends from college group who are looking for a new roommate. Stephen currently lives in La Marada and usually spends the night at my house because it's closer to his work and our church. We have been praying for God to open a door someplace so he could move closer. But, with that, I was concerned of whom he would be living with. ( You know young guys these days...I don't want my baby around any nonsense. ) And Praise Jesus!!! Friends of ours from college group have a small apartment in Costa Mesa!!!! We went to look at the apartment yesterday and it's perfect! Right next to all the freeways, closer to me, closer to church and close to work!!!! AND he would be living with two godly men who are a part of our church family. Can God get any cooler?! I just love when He opens doors like that...and just in the nick of time. Another praise report: My good friend Beth who has been struggling with doctors and supposed breast cancer....ended up not having the cancer gene!!!!! Amazing. I love her.

Romans 8:28
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."


  1. i love that scripture! :)
    you look so cute in that photo! you're so pretty!!

    thanks for your comment btw!
    ♥ youre a babe.

    nancyy ( ctrl + ♥ )

  2. i just stumbled across your blog, dear, and i think it's just the loveliest!
    i'm glad that whole situation worked out... god is the bomb, isn't he ♥

  3. How sweet! Might I add that you look just adorable in the photo? :) When I first got my dog, he only weighed two pounds! We tease him now and call him chubby since he's grown to eight pounds.. Which is actually funny considering he's not really chubby at all, but somehow he's grown bigger than his father was! His father was only about seven pounds, so it's slightly unusual that Snow Pea is getting so much bigger. Oh, I remember the days when we thought the stains would never end! But thankfully, he's completely potty-trained now. :)

    You are so loved. :)


  4. PS. I cannot find your address! :( Perhaps you could email it to me? anhhngo(at)gmail(dot)com.


  5. Awww, she looks so sweet! I have my kitties, and one of them is the runt of her litter, and I can't stop picking her up 'cause she's so small too. So I understand how it is with your little puppy.