August 28, 2010

Full figured women, can I get an amen?

This might be somewhat of an awkward post but I really love Peter Paul Ruben's paintings. Honestly, this is what my body looks like. Seriously. Nothing at all what "sexy" is in our culture today but I really wish people would stop buying into the movie physique. I pray for God to not let me get caught up in culture but more times than I'd like...I loose control and start wishing my body looked like women in the movies today. I'm sure Stephen would be satisfied once we get married but a part of me still wonders if he would prefer me to loose weight once he see's me naked. I honestly doubt that...but then again, I'm insecure and obviously I'm going to be self conscious about him seeing me fully nude ( But who knows...I don't know what it's like to be married so maybe once I am it will be different and I won't be ashamed of my body ) I start to get won over by thinking I'm only valuable as I am sensual which is such a lie! I don't know why the media has taught us overtime that rail thin women with and/or surgically lifted or enhanced knockers are more attractive. But I honestly think some men now a days are realizing what lasts longer...full figured women! If you look at the middle picture the man in the painting looks like what we would consider an attractive man today...muscular, tall, tan etc. We have the same perception of men for the past 500 years but why has the perception of women changed so drastically? Fuller arms, thighs and a much rounder tummy. Sometimes I hate my flabby round body but these paintings sure make me feel better. Knowing that at one time...these women were considered to be sexy, irresistible goddesses. For the love of God can someone bring this image back!? If I wasn't only 5'5 you can bet a million dollars I would be a plus size model and be working it. Can I get an amen?


  1. I read once that full figured women were highly sought after, because it showed they had the money to eat. Haha, just a fact of the day!
    Anyways, in response to your statement... AMEN SISTER!
    You are absolutely beautiful and Stephen knows that. Don't allow the enemy to creep into your thoughts and bring you down. Have you ever read Captivating by John and Staci Elderedge? I really think you would benefit from it if you read it. It was life changing for me! It explains a lot as to a theory on why Satan provoked Eve and not Adam in the first place. It talks about a deep rooted hatred that he has for women due to their beauty.
    SO... I really encourage you to read it. :) I can send you my copy if you would like to borrow it!


  2. thanks danica. sometimes I wonder if the world I'll ever truly FEEL beautiful in the world we live in. I feel like when I look at my body it will never be enough then there are the days where I don't even look at my body and I just LIVE. ughh. pray for me please lol

  3. You are gorgeous! I'm one of the stick figured people, which I suppose is the in thing, but I feel so bony, and I have no surgically enhanced knockers! Neither will I get them. *sigh* We're all beautiful!

    I kind of like the plump baby hanging to the guy's leg in the second pictures.

    PS: I read Captivating, and loved it.

  4. Hey, I don't know you, but I found this blog while I was researching Peter Paul Ruben. I'm a rubenesque woman myself, and proud of it! My fiancee loves my feminine body and informs me there are a lot more admirers out there than we realize. So AMEN, SISTER! And don't worry about the height when you're trying to rock , petite is beautiful too.