August 20, 2010

a disappointed season

Please note, this is a rant and a negative one at that. Please don't feel the need to comment or feel sorry for me. I just need to let it all out. Thanks, and have a good weekend.

Stephen is never going to finish writing the "How We Met" post. I'm deleting it because I hate seeing it on my draft list and knowing that he won't do it even if I bug him makes me sad. We've been so busy and we are both on edge. Our 5 month anniversary is on Sunday and I won't have his present on time. I don't know if Stephen has anything planned but even if he did I doubt we'd have time on account of tomorrow is full and Sunday is all church stuff. ( Not to mention we are both exhausted from this week full of crazy work hours, back to school and transitioning to busy life. )
I know my weekend is going to go at warp speed so I'm planning on hibernating until Monday morning and pretend like it never happened. I know there will be plenty of anniversary's to come...I guess we can just skip August of 2010. I never liked summer that much anyways.
Lucy is not doing well: She's snapped at my parents and me this week. We don't know why but she's also not doing very well with other family members or children. Mom is threatening to give her away if she doesn't stop.
I found out I graduate way later than I thought and since I lost my pre registration date for State Board ( read about when I lost everything: here ) I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to get my date. So I won't be working in a salon until December if I'm lucky. So much for working fast and saving money so Stephen and I can get married. I love you God, but please wake me up when this season of chaos and disappointment is over? Thanks.


  1. hope you feel better soon babe. <3
    - nancyy.
    (ctrl + ♥)

  2. Oh love, everything will calm down in a matter of time.
    Something to think about: who says you have to celebrate your anniversary the day of? I know that a certain male and I used to be in predicaments like this and we would just wait until we had a free moment to celebrate together. God will provide you the time, sweets, just be patient with Him. :)
    And as for school, like we talked about earlier, God must have something planned for you in this time that He wants you to wait a bit longer. Trust that He will show you something amazing and will grow you in ways you couldn't imagine. He wouldn't make you wait for nothing.
    Lastly, I will be praying for your puppy. That is heartbreaking to hear... Hopefully she will change her ways and all will be well. I love you girly!


  3. hope everything gets better soon. Really


  4. yes she did. but is threatening more to give her away...but when i talked to mom...SHE said it. give me a break you always have to be "technically right" about everything?