August 13, 2010


( Talking on the phone while he's at work )


Stephen: Hi honey


Danica: And that's why I think bla bla bla bla bla

Stephen: I'm looking at the time sweetheart and I should get back to work.

Danica: okay


Stephen: Good night, love you

Danica: Good night, love you too.

( 2:50am)

Danica: Why the heck am I still on blogspot and facebook if absolutely nothing is happening on either website?

Danica: I'm talking to myself and yea, I should probably go to bed. Good night ( or should I say good morning )

P.S Besides run on sentences....I really love "...." and "( ) ". Nothing I post on here is ever grammatically correct but it's the way I would speak in real life so I don't care. Does it bother you? haha I'm so tired.


  1. we're both living on blogspot..haha.. i'm glad. I think I talk a bit more PROPER than I do in real life but perhaps it's the side of my brain that I cannot express during conversation? Or maybe it is how I talk in real life it just looks different typed out. hmm. I was actually thinking about that earlier and I came to the conclusion sometimes it's best to do WHAT FEELS RIGHT for that given situation. BUT NOT ALWAYS! hahaha that may lead to some nasty lawsuits and hurt feelings if we lived that way all the time. I'm sleepy but my body isn't which really, really sucks!

  2. Haha, it's funny because I believe I have more proper English in written conversation, but then again, I'm pretty proper in spoken as well. :) Insomnia, much? Haha, I know that feeling, though! I get so agitated during the day when I have nothing to do and nothing is going on at Blogger or Facebook. Phooey. Haha.

    You crack me up, Danica! You are such a goofball, did you know? :) I guess you can say that I have "freakishly amazing handwriting," as that's what I'm "famous" for wherever I go. (It was on the messy side for me, though..) I've been known for my neat handwriting ever since the first grade, although I must admit that sometimes I just don't understand why! Plenty of people have beautiful and neat handwriting, and yet they gawk at mine and wonder if I'm a human typewriter. :)

    Can't wait to hear back from you!

    Love always,

    PS. I like the déjà vu post! You are just the cleverest and most insightful person!! :)

  3. just prayed for you (in response to your comment on my post) i love you and there is an unseen battle outthere and OUR crazy insecurities are just a symptom of that :).. we belong to god and THAT is what makes us beautiful.. when i own a house im going to have like 2 mirrors only for the face hahahahah.. these floor length ones promote vanity and vanity is DEADLY!

  4. Oh Danica, I am so sorry I made you cry! I really really really didn't mean to. Thank you for your words of encouragement, they are sooo needed.
    I love you.


  5. thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear... i appreciate it so much. and i love this post! it's so true, i can spend hours online, doing absolutely nothing!