July 24, 2010

Post Card from Peggy

I hate when you want to take pictures ( especially for your blog ) and you can't find the camera charger. So you save the battery in case something spectacular happens and you need that last photograph. Oh brother, my bad luck with my camera Goldie. She probably wants a new owner. And am I the only one who humanizes their camera? Anyhow, I am happy to say that I got a lovley postcard from Stephen's parents from their time in Chicago.

It makes me so happy to know what anything French makes her think of me. ( The time I showed her my favorite Parisian Tea House and we drove in my car listening to Josephine Baker. ) I really miss her and I hope we can meet them again soon. She doesn't know this...but it is quite funny that she sent me a postcard because there is actually something waiting for her when she gets back to Hong Kong. Ssshhh! ( I'm pretty sure Stephen is going to marry his mom because Peggy and I have a lot more in common than he would like probably, haha ) I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm so excited because in just a few minutes my sister, my mother and I are going to go to Pet Smart and see if we can find a new dog for our family! Au Revoir friends!


  1. aw so sweet! =]
    and i like the way you covered up your address, haha it's random i know, but the butterfly is just so cute and goes so well with the card!!

  2. that kind of details are so sweet!!! hope you show us your new pet in case you buy one :)
    have a lovely day!

  3. Hello Danica, how are you?

    It was a beautiful postcards!

    I am recently lost everywhere around Switzerland and I was too happy to be lost that I forgot to provide time to write properly. Do view my blog and you would know why:)

    Oh by the way I come to think about postcard giveaway but hmm... that means I have to hunt around:)

  4. i think there is something so spectacular about having someone not only BECOME apart of your family through the act of commitment and love but that they would welcome you so openly! my ex's mom would send me texts, and foods that i liked and even treated me to a few things that she had heard i was without. it was so amazing and i'm glad that she and you are connecting girl! this whole "MOTHER-IN-LAW" idea associated with negativity is baffling because I haven't experienced it and I pray I never do!!!