July 10, 2010

Out Of Sorts

This post has nothing to do with summer or frilly dresses and is actually quite out of sorts because it IS summer but....I'm doing it any way. It hasn't rained in awhile because it's obviously July but I'm through with summer. I had a sudden fuzzy feeling of fall and I can honestly say I am happy the day summer is over. I happen to LOVE Seattle and I find rain very peaceful and liberating. I find it strange that most people think rain and clouds are so depressing and what not. But I think those people haven't felt rain like:

Dancing in the rain.

Kissing in the rain.

Baked yummy things when its raining.

Looked up at the sky and stick your tongue out when its raining.

Snuggled with a blanket or a pet and a book and listening to the rain.

Seen how gorgeous the street lights look when its wet.

Watched how beautiful a raindrop looks when it slides down a window.

Here are some lovely rain pictures that make me wish I was still in Washington:


  1. there is something so lovely and romantic about rain, isn't there? especially the idea of dancing or kissing in the rain. And I adore it when outside its absolutely pouring, and you're all snuggled up inside with hot tea, cookies and a good book. It feels so cosy

  2. i love the sound of the rain against my window ♥ eating gingerbread whilst gazing out into the cold, rainy world is too cosy to believe.
    lovely post <3 xxx