July 25, 2010

Lucy Summer Castro

Meet the newest addition to the Castro family! This poor little gal was a stray in East L.A and was put into a shelter. She had about one hour before she was going to be euthanized and luckily Pet Place International, Inc arrived just in time to rescue her! Lucy has a quirky over bite and reminds us of Lucille Ball whenever she would raise her lip when she got into trouble. Her name fits her personality well and she is a perfect little cuddle bug. The owners of Pet Place have 35 acres with many dogs and 6 horses...they said they would be more than happy for me to come over and help run the horses. What an opportunity to volunteer for this awesome animal rescue and get to be with animals! I also plan on helping with the adoption while one of the owners has back surgery next month. I can't wait!
( Stephen with his new baby )
( Lucy in her new dress that says "I'm one of a kind" which she certainly is )
Have any of you ever rescued or adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue group? It is very rewarding and I love seeing how these animals change after being nurtured in a loving home. Just warms my heart. :)


  1. we adopted my childhood dog... the original owners didn't want her anymore, which made me really sad... she was such a sweetie. my parents got our two dogs that we have now from private breeders who were AMAZING and the kindest, most gentle and caring dog breeders i've ever met! the love they showed to their dogs and the way they treated them was so wonderful to see, i gave me hope that not all breeders are bad people. i've always wanted to adopt again, though, i think it's super important. the way people treat dogs and puppies these days is absolutely horrific. puppy mills, scary and unsanitary conditions, abuse, death... i can't handle it. if i could, i would find a home for every dog... just thinking about it makes me cry. i support a few organizations that help rescue dogs from being euthanized and getting puppies out of puppy mills, and eventually helping in the getting the mills shut down for good. it's so awful... we're supposed to love and care for dogs, because they show love and happiness to us... and instead, evil people are hurting and killing them. uncalled for. i'm SO glad lucy found a home with you, i bet she's so happy. :) <3

  2. this is so amazing. im glad you guys are getting a dog before a kid. the raising up thing is pretty strenuous and when i first got my jude i realized (not that i was thinking of popping one out at all) that raising anyone besides yourself is ALOT of work. But it really is rewarding. and they give us this love that sometimes i feel like i don't deserve. no matter what he's at the door barking and licking me and telling me he's missed me and loves me. even with four other people at home he manages to show appreciation to all of us. i love my dog and im glad your new addition is already proving to be a great blessing :)..

    you don't become a dog lover until you GET a dog i think.