July 23, 2010

Long Hair Mission

I want my hair to grow so badly so I can do braids and twists like I used to with my longer hair. I cut my hair pretty short awhile back and now it's a little past my neck. I just keep waiting and hoping and every now and then I straighten it to see if it grew any. Super long hair doesn't look that great on my round face but a few more inches would be spectacular. Anyone else on a Long Hair Mission?!

How has your summer been so far? Blogland has been very quiet for me latley. :( Where have you all been?!


  1. Every time my hair gets long, something happens and I hack it all off. I give up long hair missions because I don't appreciate its length when I have it. Sigh...


    I got your letter yesterday, I've been having a hard time replying to any letters as of late, so don't take it personal if it takes me forever to respond. I will send it out as soon as I can.

  2. Do you want to chat now? I'm free for the rest of the night if you do. Give me a call if you want!

  3. i love long hair on other people! and would adore being able to braid and twist my hair and put it up in messy buns, but i am most definitely a short hair girl =] it looks better on me than long hair, i think.

  4. I'm on a long hair mission too! I cut 13.5 inches off in December to donate to Locks of Love. Now it's a little below my shoulders and I'm thinking about doing another hair chop for donation...but then again, I don't know if I want short hair.

    I hope you are having a great summer so far. I like the new blog layout/color!

  5. i have been the worst commenter of all times. baaah. i don't know what is with me lately, i'm just behind in all things internet-related. :(

    i have long hair! it was SUPER long a couple of months ago, it went half way down my back... and then i got about 5 inches cut off. it's still long, though! i just don't look good with short hair, i never really have. the shortest i can go is shoulder length. i just prefer longer locks. :)

  6. Whenever my hair is long I want it short and viceversa.. stupid i know

    my summer has been quiet too.. loking forward august really

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  8. i am!! i cut the perm out officially about 2ish years ago and now i'm growing it out all natural with no weaves or extensions and it is getting stressful. i want some long workable hair. I'm planning to get 1/4 inch trims every 4-8 weeks soon so that it grows and grows without the broken ends.. ive never had my natural hair past my shoulder because thats when i started getting a perm.. pray for my hair growth girl! god willing. lol and im sure you'd look beautiful with long locks :)