July 31, 2010

something you should know about stephen

Stephen has been arrested...but he sure looks handsome in a cop car!

Just kidding!!! My daddy is a cop and he came to visit and we thought it would be funny to put Stephen in the back because he wants to be a cop as well. haha

July 30, 2010

In the car

This is one of my favorite pictures of Stephen and I. Stephen has started a post about how we met and I'm so excited to share it with you guys! ( If he ever finishes it, poor guy has been working a lot ) He is such a good writer and I love the way he tells the story. I'm happy he has agreed to this blog...but I'm hoping he will post some stuff every now and then.

July 29, 2010

You Can Have Both

For our four month anniversary Stephen took me to San Juan and bought me the cutest little tea set and hat. It came in a cute little basket with little slots for each item and tiny little forks and spoons. I was smitten with it the very second I saw it. I was originally only going to get one or the other but since it was a special occasion and I gave him that puppy dog look....he said, "okay, you can have both." This would be my first little tea set and I'm still so happy every time I look at it. Who would have thought that tea sets make a girl so happy? Stephen spoils me when he can and I appreciate it so much...I just hope the puppy dog look doesn't get worn out before we get married. :)

Surprise from Stephen

July 26, 2010

First Night with Lucy

Sleeping in my room tonight apparently. She is just a lovely little thing.

Welcome home little Lucy.

July 25, 2010

Lucy Summer Castro

Meet the newest addition to the Castro family! This poor little gal was a stray in East L.A and was put into a shelter. She had about one hour before she was going to be euthanized and luckily Pet Place International, Inc arrived just in time to rescue her! Lucy has a quirky over bite and reminds us of Lucille Ball whenever she would raise her lip when she got into trouble. Her name fits her personality well and she is a perfect little cuddle bug. The owners of Pet Place have 35 acres with many dogs and 6 horses...they said they would be more than happy for me to come over and help run the horses. What an opportunity to volunteer for this awesome animal rescue and get to be with animals! I also plan on helping with the adoption while one of the owners has back surgery next month. I can't wait!
( Stephen with his new baby )
( Lucy in her new dress that says "I'm one of a kind" which she certainly is )
Have any of you ever rescued or adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue group? It is very rewarding and I love seeing how these animals change after being nurtured in a loving home. Just warms my heart. :)

July 24, 2010

Post Card from Peggy

I hate when you want to take pictures ( especially for your blog ) and you can't find the camera charger. So you save the battery in case something spectacular happens and you need that last photograph. Oh brother, my bad luck with my camera Goldie. She probably wants a new owner. And am I the only one who humanizes their camera? Anyhow, I am happy to say that I got a lovley postcard from Stephen's parents from their time in Chicago.

It makes me so happy to know what anything French makes her think of me. ( The time I showed her my favorite Parisian Tea House and we drove in my car listening to Josephine Baker. ) I really miss her and I hope we can meet them again soon. She doesn't know this...but it is quite funny that she sent me a postcard because there is actually something waiting for her when she gets back to Hong Kong. Ssshhh! ( I'm pretty sure Stephen is going to marry his mom because Peggy and I have a lot more in common than he would like probably, haha ) I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm so excited because in just a few minutes my sister, my mother and I are going to go to Pet Smart and see if we can find a new dog for our family! Au Revoir friends!

July 23, 2010

Long Hair Mission

I want my hair to grow so badly so I can do braids and twists like I used to with my longer hair. I cut my hair pretty short awhile back and now it's a little past my neck. I just keep waiting and hoping and every now and then I straighten it to see if it grew any. Super long hair doesn't look that great on my round face but a few more inches would be spectacular. Anyone else on a Long Hair Mission?!

How has your summer been so far? Blogland has been very quiet for me latley. :( Where have you all been?!

July 22, 2010

i've got a secret

I have made countless blog posts about my love story so far with Stephen....you all know when I started having feelings, the first time he said "i love you", our trip to San Francisco and that we got a ring. I've seen a lot of super cute blogs about families and newlywed couples...I thought it would be a cute idea to start a blog about Stephen and I when we get engaged. I plan to blog about how it happened and blog about all the wedding plans and everything that goes on until we say "i do!".

I asked him if he thought it was a good idea to document our love story and blog about being engaged and then married and what not ( and he said that's an awesome idea ) But what my blue eyed baby doesn't know: is that I already started. hahaha I'm so pathetic. He hasn't even proposed yet and I'm making a blog. Sheesh!


July 17, 2010


An emblematic antique shop with dust bunnies that could swallow you whole. The floorboards squeaked underneath my feet and for a moment I felt shaken with fear. The old shop grew dark and all I remember seeing where glass door knobs stained with blue in a small wooden jewelry box. They were now crashing to the floor and I felt something flash adjacent to the cash register. My sister was there and she begged to go home; tugging on my dress then clinging. I don't recall where all the people were at that point. I don't know why I couldn't leave. The next thing I knew I had a key in my hands that I inexplicably knew what to do with. I crawl over the furniture and open the cash register. There was no money but only a photograph of what looked like three women fading into eternity. The figure had left but the sound of crunching leaves and giggles were still embedded in my mind. I smoothed my polished finger over the photograph; the figure had spoken and I couldn't see anymore. He had left me in the dark.

July 15, 2010


I was given an award by my wonderful friend Beth to list seven things that I love....here they go!

Jesus. He is the King of my heart and loves me better than anyone else can. He is always there and will always take care of me. He never lets me down; He only lifts me up from the ground. I love him with all my heart and I can't imagine what my life would be like without his love, compassion and mercy.

Family. I was blessed with an amazing family that has supported me and loved me unconditionally. I was raised with good morals, a fear of God and good music. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Stephen. My best friend and my soon to be fiance. He is an amazing man and I enjoy being in his company and under his care. It's only God's grace that I was given such an amazing godly man. He treats me like God intended and he loves me better than I can love him.

Washington. I love this state with all my heart; it completes me and everyone knows the difference. The minute I got off the plane for the first time...I told myself I need to spend the rest of my life here. I love the cold, the trees, the people and I love rain!

Sunday School. I am now teaching the Kindergartners of Voyagers Bible Church! I love them dearly and there is no better satisfaction then teaching our children the Word. My heart soars when I see these precious children understanding Him and singing praises with their little voices. So touching.

Music. Music speaks what words can't. And it speaks better.

Airports. I know this seems strange but airports are really fun for me. I love the gift shops and the hustle and bustle of people kissing and crying goodbye. To me, it represents coming and leaving. It's a lot like life and therefore...I think airports are beautiful. So many emotions in one place. Love it!

I pass this on to anyone who wants it!

July 14, 2010

soft and meak

I'm in a wonderful mood this evening and wishing I had some pastel colored clothing.

July 11, 2010

Fine Feathered Friend

Your moccasins and long uncombed hair ( which was caressed by the sun ) made me want to crawl and cuddle into the earth. You were my ball of joy and my fine feathered friend. Your desk was scattered with shells, feathers and drawings of hummingbirds. I remember screaming and running through the hills and singing songs of praise. You always ran faster and angered me with your tiny frame. Putting on Simon and Garfunkel on your vintage record player to go to sleep. You were my beautiful bohemian princess. I miss you.

July 10, 2010

Out Of Sorts

This post has nothing to do with summer or frilly dresses and is actually quite out of sorts because it IS summer but....I'm doing it any way. It hasn't rained in awhile because it's obviously July but I'm through with summer. I had a sudden fuzzy feeling of fall and I can honestly say I am happy the day summer is over. I happen to LOVE Seattle and I find rain very peaceful and liberating. I find it strange that most people think rain and clouds are so depressing and what not. But I think those people haven't felt rain like:

Dancing in the rain.

Kissing in the rain.

Baked yummy things when its raining.

Looked up at the sky and stick your tongue out when its raining.

Snuggled with a blanket or a pet and a book and listening to the rain.

Seen how gorgeous the street lights look when its wet.

Watched how beautiful a raindrop looks when it slides down a window.

Here are some lovely rain pictures that make me wish I was still in Washington:

I get weak

Tide will dry my baby's back. I get weak. I get weary. I miss sleep. I get moody. I'm in thoughts. I write songs. I'm in love. I walk on.

Lyrics by Lykke Li

July 8, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about my insecurities and how much they affect me...to the point where in some areas...it's chronic. Over the years I have learned how disabling and numbing it is to the soul. I understand that I will never be fully secure. Like Beth Moore said, " There is always going to be someone prettier, smarter, skinnier and way to soon...younger!." haha But all joking aside..we were not designed to be like this. We were not designed for self hate, self doubt or self absorption. I've thought a lot about how my insecurities cause me to lash out and have shameful tantrums at times. It has made a fool of me and insecurity has not been kind.
I am now understanding where my insecurities come from and I'm slowly learning how to deal with it. I am asking God to heal this ancient curse and make me whole. Has insecurity ever made a fool of you? Here is a great article on overcoming insecurity. :)

July 5, 2010

oh, summer

I'll gather sticks from the woods in hopes of starting a flame in your heart. Pressing my locket against my chest ( then pressing my hands over my ears ) to cover the sound of my spirit awakening. I feel renewed by the summer sun and only the lace against my fingers can attempt to speak louder than me. I always squint at the sun on purpose to show people how cute I can be. Is it working?

July 2, 2010

tea with mrs. pardini

I'm so very sorry that I have been so quiet. I used to blog almost everyday but now I'm blogging only once in awhile. I've been very busy this week because my bf's parents are in town and we have been spending a lot of time with them. I got to take his mom antique shopping today and we even got to visit my favorite tea house. ( She loves ladies tea as well ) :) So we sat down and had French tea and biscuits and we talked for about two hours and she is very happy and okay with the idea of her son and I getting engaged sometime soon. She told me a lot about him as a child and him growing up with his disease. It was very hard to hear but I'm glad I know why he's the way he is. He is an amazing guy and I just feel bad that he had to suffer so much as a child. I seriously appreciate her telling me though and I honestly believe I have a better understanding of him now. I've really enjoyed being in his parents company and I'm going to miss them when they leave tomorrow night. I feel like I'm a part of his family already and I can't believe they have to head back to Hong Kong tomorrow night...already! What a joy it was to finally meet his family....I couldn't be happier. This is for real....I will be an engaged woman sooner than I think.