June 19, 2010

road trip

As you all know I am going to San Francisco tomorrow!!! I just finished packing except my jeans which are being washed because every girl likes freshly washed jeans! Am I right? I love any excuse to use my Frank Sinatra suitcase ( I will post about my packing endeavors later ) and I should be sleeping right now but I can never sleep before a trip. I always get so nervous and excited that I can't filter my thoughts and emotions all the way through. San Francisco always had a piece of my heart since the first day I visited as a kid. I remember the very first "Build A Bear" and having Clam Chowder at Fisherman's Wharf and enjoying chocolate covered raisins on the trolley. I'm excited to go to one of my favorite cities with the man I love! But...on the nervous note....I'm very nervous about meeting his parents. I hope they think I'm lovely!


  1. what a cool photo! I'd love to go to SF right now! hope you have fun there and can't wait to see your Frank Sinatra suitcase :)

  2. Sounds great! I've always wanted to go there.
    I'm really looking forward to that packing post.

    Don't worry, they will think you're lovely, because you are.

    Go have fun!

  3. Have fun in SF! I'm sure it will be awesome and your boyfriends' parents will love you! :)


  4. Oh my sweet girl, they will love you! You just wait and see. :)
    Enjoy San Fran for me; it is one of my favorite places!


  5. oh lucky, lucky you!
    What a great trip!
    Live it up girlie and have a wonderful time :)


  6. Olivia- Thank you! I will try to live it up...that's not usually a phrase that I hear regarding myself. haha.

    Ellie- I hope so! I will keep you posted by text in case anything spectacular happens... and I will take pictures thinking of you. xox

  7. have a fantastic time, sweets! and don't be nervous... just be your wonderful self and they will adore you!

  8. I'm going to San Fran this year too! Hope you have fun :)

  9. Oh, I hope your trip is absolutely wonderful and adventurous! & I'm positive his parents will absolutely adore you. xx