June 8, 2010

Square One

Ever have a time when you are so anxious and tormented by your own self that you want to scream? Yet, with all this tension within my own mind...I have this glimmer of hope when I imagine myself the way I wish I was. And after a split second of hope...my sinful nature brings me back to no motivation. Square one. Why can't we ever see ourselves the way others see us?


  1. mE TOO. OOPS! I followed your blog its really cool. I have a blog too. But your is way better.heres the like.

    do you think you could folow it???

  2. I don't know why I had a little pessimistic cloud above my head last night. Hello, I'm a girl and I have mood swings.

  3. Oh Danica, I am on my way over now with a bucket of ice cream and some sappy movie. I think it was in the air last night, I was feeling the same way.
    I love you.


  4. hehe he's in his terrible two's-stage but adorable nonetheless :> xx