June 17, 2010


Money. Money. Money. Makes the world go round. My life these past few days has been all about not having money. I have to beg for it. My parents argue about money. Dad didn't put any money on the card therefor we can't get toilet paper. I now have my boyfriend stressing out over student loans and recently spent 300 dollars in 5 days. ( Which is my fault ). I envy people who have their life made out because they come from rich families and they can go to Paris for a month and not give a damn. I can't do a lot of things that I'd like to because of money. I wonder what it feels like to not have to look at prices or to just get what you need instead of contemplating whether or not you really need conditioner. And yet, here I am on my arse wishing I had money and my eleven year old sister is outside selling lemonade. Six bucks is more than I have darling.


  1. I am paying dearly for my splurge yesterday... I have several bills due in a couple weeks and I now have $3.56 to my name...
    Lets be poor together? I love you that way. :)


  2. I'm super broke right now. I'm trying to find a job. Oh well, life goes on!


  3. i can't tell you how much i can relate to this post, isn't it so sad that some of us truly have so many limitations in life just because of something as trivial as money? it's really rather sickening when you think about it. the whole conditioner thing you talked about it something i remember facing my whole life, and it really is sad. i've come to think of it all so that i just have to be a little more creative than the people who get whatever they want with absolutely no work at all. i think you can pull through this little bump/hump. remember, it could always be worse. thats what helps me when i get like this. i think of the things i am grateful for. and the glad game!


  4. It is quite tragic that the world revolves around money, but I think the people who lead the most important and meaningful and spiritual lives are the ones that toss everything away to spend life in the wilderness or being a missionary or becoming a hermit. I think that when you shun money you can truly live- I'm still working on living.

  5. Oh, money. It only its supply was endless. :) I'm contemplating on whether or not to buy a summer frock; I want it dearly, but.. to splurge or not to splurge!

    Love always.

  6. I wonder that too, all my friends are super rich and are always do high-cost stuff so I can't go. It makes me sad :(


  7. It makes me sad too unwritten. But I'm complaining more about not being able to get things that I need...not just things that I want. :/