June 6, 2010

oh brother

I'm afraid I am slightly frustrated by the looks of my blog. I've had a couple friends from blogland help me with the layout and what not. Krissie helped me get the layout where it is white in the middle and whatever color you like on the outside. Kelly managed to put a cute font as my blog title and I somehow deleted that as well. I used to love my three column layout but can't seem to figure it out again. I try to save my different layouts but when I go back to my email to retrieve them...they are all not copied correctly! So when I paste it into my "edit html" it doesn't let me save the template. This is all so frustrating because I like changing my blog around but I can never seem to remember what I need to change. Sheesh, I have a headache. All I want is the white middle, color background and three column. This is one html challenged girl that has been defeated. Once again.


  1. Thats been happening to me too! I can't figure out how to get the followers thing on the side of the page. Mines at the waaaay bottom of the page. hhmmph. I hope you figure things out!! :) xoxo

  2. oh shoot! you just reminded me i need to make your font cute again... i shall do that asap. :)

    i'm sorry for your blog troubles, lovedove. :( it's kind of like my problem with the "read more" thing... i remove the code and it STILL shows up. what the? how dumb.

  3. Awwww thank you Kelly. You are a doll. :)