June 6, 2010


Okay my darlings....I need to just laugh at myself for a moment because I just figured out how to get the white middle. It wasn't that hard at all but I get so easily frustrated when something doesn't come right away. Maybe because I'm human? Anyways, I've been toying with the idea of doing my very first give-a-way when I reach 100 followers. I have 95 so far but I don't believe the amount of followers you have means anything so as soon as I can get a prize I will be holding one! I see how much fun they've been and I would love to give back something to you all...or one. haha.
Can you give me some ideas as to what you would be interested in for the give-a-way item(s)?


  1. Your company, my darling. That would be the greatest gift. ;)


  2. Oh, you are just darling! :) However, Ellie Grace is quite right: seeing you would be marvelous! :)