May 2, 2010

making pancakes

Ever since my first home cooked meal for my amazing has inspired me to learn how to cook more things! My mom is an outstanding cook and has been wondering when in the heck I was going to start doing it! It only took 20 years....but hey! At least I started! I know for a fact my future husband and kids won't be getting frozen meals 7 days a week. ;)

To show his amazing support and encouragement: drum roll: Stephen bought me the cutest little apron in just my favorite colors. :) I made my very first pancakes this morning and they were actually pretty good! I can't wait till my mom comes back from the cruise so I can finally make her pancakes on Saturday morning.

P.S My family is coming home tomorrow which means Stephen will no longer be living here. haha. It was such an amazing experience! I learned a lot about him and a lot about me...more importantly. I'm taking on more responsibility and I'm thinking much more realistically about things. No doubt...I am still that wonderful dreamer and star gazer and curious little thing....but sometimes you just need to take care of business....or in this case...future household duties. :)

P.P.S Do any of you like to cook?


  1. oh my, now i'm craving pancakes! ;)

    lots of love, my dearest. <3

  2. Yesterday I made roast dinner for my flat mates. The gravy was amazing, if I say so myself! xxx

  3. Flat mates! How cute. =]
    Ms Danika, you have positively the sweetest boyfriend ever. What a nice gesture to buy you an apron! And it is so adorable at that! Nice choice, Stephen. =]

    Love love,
    Ellie Grace

  4. PS.
    There is a special surprise to my dearest Danica on my blog. =]


  5. What a great blog! Found you through Ellie! <3

  6. poppy french- yummy!!!! that is one of my favorites!! definitely a comfort food for me! :)

    ellie-he is!! ohhhhh can't wait for my surprise!!! =D

    V- thank you for visiting and following!