May 24, 2010

If you could be invited to one person's birthday party, whose would it be?

I wish this question would have asked alive or dead because I would have loved to be invited to one of Marie Antoinette's parties. I've always longed for a lavish experience with lots of divine deserts, food and decorations. I could just picture myself in a huge gown, drink in hand and walking around elegantly. If I was invited to her birthday party....I would give her the most beautiful hat with tricolor ribbons and feathers. Oh, what a thought. <3

The stars a question mark in the sky, burning bright for you and I.

P.S I'm currently reading the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I know Twilight is such old news but I don't know why I've never read the darn book! I feel like such a nerd for liking the book and reading it so long after but I just thought I'd share. haha


  1. That would be awesome! I would love to come to her birthday. Or just wear a dress like that even once!

    Who else? Maybe Michael Jackson. I'm not sure whether he hosted over the top parties, but I didn't expect them to be dull at all. Besides it'd be killing two birds with one stone right?

    Oh Twilight, such a guilty pleasure of mine too. I've read and own them all and even have a t-shirt, which I've only worn once, to the movie New Moon. I'm always a little embarressed to admit it, but it's all just so entertaining.
    Did you watch the movies too? I love the first one and think the second one didn't live up to that, but Dakota Fanning looked so beautiful, which totally made up for it.

  2. you know, i have very mixed feelings about twilight. i was completely addicted whilst reading them, but when i finished breaking dawn i felt sort of empty, and just thought 'huh. well what did i learn from that?'

    and goodness, a party with Marie Antoinette? sounds fabulous <3

  3. night owl- those t-shirts are kind cool anyhow. * giggles * and I don't care too much for MJ but knowing that he had an amusement park in his back yard...I'm sure he threw some nice parties. haha

    minna- uh oh! I'm learning of my fate!! I think I might just read Twilight but not read the whole saga. I really do hate feeling like running through a race and then feeling like..."huh?" after. haha you know what I mean?

  4. I read all the Twilight books. They were interesting, but easily forgotten.


  5. oh my, i've always wanted to throw a marie antoinette themed party - wouldn't that be so fun?! macarons and champagne and lots of bright colours. mmmm, yes!

    i love minna's comment about twilight, i felt the same way. i read the series once really fast and thought it was good but didn't really find anything of value... and then i read through it a second time, more slowly... and there were a LOT of things that i noticed that i didn't like, and actually disturbed me a little. it makes me a bit worried for young girls who are reading it, and i hope their mothers talk to them about it as they read and really discuss the themes through out the series (obsession, co-dependency, reckless/suicidal thoughts, not wanting to live or function without the boy/girl you love, things like that... maybe this is just the slight feminist in me that's worried by these things, though ;)) but aside from that, it's definitely interesting, so at least finish the first book. :)

  6. marie antoinette...what a party!! i think i would love to go to susan b. anthony's birthday party...she'd probably inspire me to do so much more than i'm doing. what a great question!!!

  7. Oh my, I must say I agree on the Marie Antoinette part.

    & I have a friend from school who for the first time is reading Twilight! She's absolutely fallen in love now. She's engaged and was joking about cheating on him with Edward. Hehe. They are amazing books! xx

  8. Edward is quiteeeeee lovely isn't he? hehehe

  9. Oh my goodness, what in the world happened?? I continually checked your blog for new posts because it kept showing up on my news feed that you had new ones, but every time I checked there was nothing!
    I feel so behind!! Ok this is me catching up and commenting on several blogs all at once:
    I am most definitely a hopeless romantic; I never thought I would admit it, but it is sadly true...
    When you got to Paris, will you take me with you? We can pretend to have lived their all our lives and we can take back roads, like we are professionals.

    I missed your blog posts...

    Ellie Grace