May 20, 2010

faire crêpes

Asculta mai multe audio Muzica

I've been in a very French mood lately and the other day I even put my apron on, put on some red lipstick and drew on a mole....and began singing french songs while making pancakes. Quite a lovely morning if I don't say so myself. There is nothing more amusing then playing pretend and enjoying life as you think it should be. I hope to go to Paris someday....I know it would suit me.


  1. aah yes, i too am quite enamoured with France and French culture. It pains me to say that I live an hour and a half away from Paris, yet have never been. Some day, some day...
    minna <3

  2. that sounds too fun. and mmm... pancakes sound delicious. i went to paris last summer and it was lovely. what i wouldn't give for a nutelle crepe made fresh off the stand right now. xx

  3. minna- you are so lucky you don't even know!! That's like saying I live an hour away from Disney Land but never been!!! haha

  4. You can view all my Paris photos here:


  5. Love Paris and I've yet to go as well...the first two photos give me a lump in the throat. As for Disneyland, well, that's another story...been there and love it, too! :)

  6. i'm dying to go to paris... i dream of it often. the other evening, i was sitting at my desk editing a photoshoot, a hot cup of coffee next to me, my record player quietly playing edith piaf, the window was open, children were outside laughing and trying to catch the last few moments of daylight, and our awesome neighbor was playing his accordion in his open garage (which is pretty much right next to my window). i really felt like i was in paris - it was SUCH a breathtaking moment, i wish it had lasted forever. :)

  7. I am always in the mood for anything French...these images are soooo lovely especially those macaroons oohlala they look yummy!!
    Have a great weekend!


  8. thank you S and O!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend as well!