April 27, 2010

wildly in love

They held hands and sang along to ancient songs. "I'm wildly in love with you, " she said.


  1. I like this. =]
    Aren't foxes delightful? They never get the credit they deserve.

  2. danica is in love it seems. and what could be sweeter?

    XXX, Kim

  3. How lovely! You are so silly, Danica dear. :) I was so nervous putting up my own picture (it's the first time ever!), but his mom took amazing photos, and I was surprised at how well they turned out. :) I have a photobooth picture that I need to get up, too! But I have yet to figure out the finer tunings of my scanning machinery. Hope life's fabulous for you! I love the photo with the foxes-- there's something so whimsical and mysterious about them at the same time..


  4. i know! i love foxes! i always did reports on them in elementary school. :)