April 3, 2010

spanish eyes

Today I got to take a little day trip with Stephen to San Juan!!! It was so gorgeous and it wasn't too hot or too cold...it was just perfect. I love feeling like your on vacation and I really enjoyed touring around with him...so much fun! Here are a few pictures I took around the mission and the last one is near San Clemente or something. After walking around we had a little picnic and that was the view. :)
Hope you girls are having a good spring break and Happy Easter to you!!!


  1. beautiful photos...It's so nice to see great old architecture!
    Happy Easter weekend~

  2. Such a gorgeous place!


  3. That all looks gorgeous. Picnics are so nice.

    Happy easter!

    I feel like I haven't been on your blog for ages, it's been two weeks I think, well just too long. I'm dying to see that video on last post, but I need to get some serious sleeping done.

    I'll be back ;)

  4. How pretty! Sounds like you had a blast. And a happy Easter to you as well, sweet.

    Ellie Grace

  5. thanks girls!

    night owl- thank you for being such a dedicated reader and friend..i love you!

    ellie- how was your easter?

  6. i love san juan! such beauty.

    hope you had a stupendous easter, my darling. <3

  7. How beautiful! I hope you had a terrific time. & a wonderful Easter! xx

  8. gorgeous pictures, the first one is quite magical x

  9. wonderful photos xxx

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  10. Beautiful photos, hope you had a wonderful Easter too!

  11. hi danica,

    i've been away from your blog for too long. it's good to be back.
    to receive my dose of sweetness.

    XXX, Kim