April 30, 2010


I fall to the ground in disbelief and utter shock as I get off the phone with my instructor. "I'm sorry honey, but your health is more important. You have to drop."
I don't want to go into detail and explain how complicated the whole hours and things... But basically...I have to pass State Board to get my cosmetology license. This semester was the big mock board class...where I get to go through and learn more State Board and really practice. I got sick out of no where ( never get sick ) and yesterday I was at school all day with a fever because I was scared to miss hours...because I knew I'd get dropped. My wonderful bf came to pick me up from school because I was so sick. He took me to urgent care because my regular doctor could not take me until Monday....and I have strep throat. I have a fever and I'm sick and I'm contagious. School is out of the question...especially when you work in close proximity to people and what not.
I thought I could get excused for the missing hours but Mr.Ed simply refused and told me I know the syllabus. I have to now withdraw from this semester, forfeit the mock board class, push back my graduation date and my State board date and deal with none of my friends being there ( they would have graduated way before me now ) . I also can't go to San Francisco with my bf and his family due to this set back. Even though I'm coming back in 4 weeks.....I still have to go back to school and have everyone watch me clean out my station like I'm some sort of criminal. I've been crying all day and I'm very upset about being dropped...but this all happened for a reason and that reason I don't know...but I"ll find out eventually.
But on the brighter side:
1. I get a 4 week vacation haha
2. I have people praying for me and the situation
3. despite the set back....I know I will still pass state board and i will complete the program
4. me and Ellie from Fresh Grace talked on the phone and made me feel better. She is so awesome and such an encouragement. :) I love her!
5. Even though I'm miserably sick....I secretly love Stephen taking care of me.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad you are looking on the bright side and yes you will get your license!

  2. i'm so sorry to hear that, danica! but as you said, everything happens for a reason. every door closed means two more opened elsewhere... so don't fret.

    i'm sure everything will work out alright. one of my favourite sayings, "everything will be okay in the end. if it's not okay, then it's not the end."


  3. I am STILL beyond frustrated for you. It is a completely ridiculous situation.
    But like we had talked about, it's all up to His timing and not ours; however annoying and inconvenient that may seem!

    Sending prayers your way,
    Ellie Grace

  4. You keep that chin high--your right, it's for a reason. You can't see it now but will understand sometime later down the road. Good man, your bf is to assist you in time of need. :)