April 30, 2010


I fall to the ground in disbelief and utter shock as I get off the phone with my instructor. "I'm sorry honey, but your health is more important. You have to drop."
I don't want to go into detail and explain how complicated the whole hours and things... But basically...I have to pass State Board to get my cosmetology license. This semester was the big mock board class...where I get to go through and learn more State Board and really practice. I got sick out of no where ( never get sick ) and yesterday I was at school all day with a fever because I was scared to miss hours...because I knew I'd get dropped. My wonderful bf came to pick me up from school because I was so sick. He took me to urgent care because my regular doctor could not take me until Monday....and I have strep throat. I have a fever and I'm sick and I'm contagious. School is out of the question...especially when you work in close proximity to people and what not.
I thought I could get excused for the missing hours but Mr.Ed simply refused and told me I know the syllabus. I have to now withdraw from this semester, forfeit the mock board class, push back my graduation date and my State board date and deal with none of my friends being there ( they would have graduated way before me now ) . I also can't go to San Francisco with my bf and his family due to this set back. Even though I'm coming back in 4 weeks.....I still have to go back to school and have everyone watch me clean out my station like I'm some sort of criminal. I've been crying all day and I'm very upset about being dropped...but this all happened for a reason and that reason I don't know...but I"ll find out eventually.
But on the brighter side:
1. I get a 4 week vacation haha
2. I have people praying for me and the situation
3. despite the set back....I know I will still pass state board and i will complete the program
4. me and Ellie from Fresh Grace talked on the phone and made me feel better. She is so awesome and such an encouragement. :) I love her!
5. Even though I'm miserably sick....I secretly love Stephen taking care of me.

April 27, 2010

wildly in love

They held hands and sang along to ancient songs. "I'm wildly in love with you, " she said.

April 22, 2010

I love you

As a Christian couple wanting to put God first we decided to hold our relationship to a high standard...and not kiss until we are engaged. It has only been a month and its been getting harder and harder so we've been praying for each other and with each other and what not. We also got this idea from a friend of his to not even say "i love you" before engagement. Both of us agreed that it might be a good idea as to not get too emotionally involved...but as of a couple days ago.....

We talk on the phone and ironically it had been on both of our hearts that the not saying "i love you" thing is quite stupid. haha It seemed like a silly rule as opposed to something God wants. We both felt like it was right and for the right reasons...so we agreed that we would say it from now on. I told him not to say it over the phone because a girl like me has to have any special moment to be perfect. haha So the next day ( our one month ) he came with flowers and a card ( while I made him dinner...my first meal ever ) and I wanted to open the card right away but he said to wait until later. So later that night after dinner he takes me to corona del mar to walk on the beach. ( which is one of our favorite things to do )

Anyhow, we walk in the sand and there are so many stars that I can't look down and I feel like I'm walking on air. We stroll along the beach and take our shoes off and leave them on a life guard tower and continue walking. The sun is going down and the waves are so calm, lights on the shore flicker and wave and all I can think about is this amazing man next to me. We walk about halfway and he says that I should open the card now. I take it out.....anticipating what will happen next. He asks to read it.....and he does.

I feel most loved by words and more words. Words mean the world to me and I hold them closer to my heart than an old photograph. I take a picture in my head of me looking up at him pouring his heart out with the ocean behind him. He finishes reading and ends with " I love you Danica". My heart gets warm and soars through my body leaving tingles of delight all the way to my toes. We hold each other on the beach and praise God for this beautiful moment.

"The only reason my heart beats is cos you showed it how."

April 16, 2010

feeling turquoise

Sophisticated yet earthy. Tribal yet relaxing. I love turquoise.

April 14, 2010

a world I once knew

Hoping I can save enough money to get a pass so I can go to Disney Land with my amazing boyfriend. :) I want a pass again!!!!

April 11, 2010

april 10, 2010

welcome home

I had no sense and no remarks. My heart didn't start beating until I met you. I feel alive and I put my lipstick away. My brown eyes were nearly taken over by something spectacular. That would be you darling.

April 9, 2010

i'm a little bit in love with you

Warm flows of comfort go in and out of my body like air through my lungs. The only thing standing in my way is a man made wall. Keeping me from climbing it is my floral dress and I contemplate. On the other side......is everything I've ever wanted. I'm going for it.
I am beautiful.

April 3, 2010

spanish eyes

Today I got to take a little day trip with Stephen to San Juan!!! It was so gorgeous and it wasn't too hot or too cold...it was just perfect. I love feeling like your on vacation and I really enjoyed touring around with him...so much fun! Here are a few pictures I took around the mission and the last one is near San Clemente or something. After walking around we had a little picnic and that was the view. :)
Hope you girls are having a good spring break and Happy Easter to you!!!

April 2, 2010