March 5, 2010

the world is alive now

"The spring is upon us, follow my only song
Settle down with me by the fire of my yearning
You should come back home, back on your own now.
The world is alive now, in and outside our home
You run through the forest, settle before the sun
Darling, I can barely remember you beside me"

I'm naturally a winter and ice girl but I'm actually very excited for spring to come soon. I have been getting more letters than ever!!! And I would love it if you would write me one! Message me on facebook if you'd like to start writing!


  1. i'm excited for bike rides in sundresses and naps in the grass! :)

    your letter is almost finished :) yaaay! letters are the best.

  2. yaaaaaay!!!! SO happy you don't even know! I have been checking all week for one and i haven't gotten any. :) can't wait!

  3. oh sweetie, hello! and how i wish i had her features, but that's kat fact, i'm as far away as possible from being anything close to her. for one, i'm asian, and two, she really is stunning. hehe. you are adorable btw! xx

  4. who's features are you referring too darling?

  5. Oh my! Letters! I wish I could! But oh oh why shouldn't I try it with you?

    the problem is I am now very much occupied by school work and extra-curricular activities...

    Danica, would you mind emailing instead? I feel people have not been emailing on regular basis, too... tell me what you think, xoxo

  6. magnolia- i can do that!!! easy as 1 2 3 my dear. send me your email! mine is

  7. oh kat dennings. the video i posted, that was her. she is rather beautiful.

    and i do wonder when i come across a situation like that, when i have to choose to be okay with being stripped bare, or otherwise. i wish i had an answer to that. xxxx

  8. Great picture and blog :)

  9. Hi! (:
    What is that letters thing about?
    (psst, love your blog ^^)

  10. cinta- i remember now. hehe

    hope chella- thank you so much!

    and maya- i like to write letters to my friends....:) and anyone is welcome to write with me!

  11. I would enjoy to write with/to you, if I can (:
    I really love handwriten letters, although I don't even know why. And it's also a good way to practice my english, since I don't have english classes anymore.