March 13, 2010

by the seaside

I had woken up in a small house by the seaside that smelled of seawater and lavender. It felt familiar but new, everything in white lace and light shades of pink and gold. There is a small kitchen with hand painted roses on the counter tops and a beautiful table with shells placed carefully around the edges. I look around to the window and a gust of wind touches my face causing me to blink my eyes. The doorbell rings a sad and low tune...I feel like something is coming. I feel like maybe this is where I am supposed to be. Although this little house is quite lovely I already feel lonesome.
I slowly walk to the door and find outside a letter and a package...for me? I bring the package inside and find a string of butterfly lights, 3 little sparkly fish made out of clay and a dried up rose. I immediately hung the lights over the window and wondered if someone would see. My fingers were stained with glitter from the clay fishes and I clasped the dried rose in my hand and made a wish. I was so amazed at these little gems I forgot to read the letter. If I can find my way back to this place I will try to read it or learn who these where from. I feel like I'll see this little house again someday....but maybe with someone else. I want him by the seaside with me. I want him to love me forever, but he will never find this place unless I show him.


  1. this was so beautiful to read, it filled up my soul. the first line instantly reminded me of the lisa mitchell song 'love letter', one of my favorite songs. :)

  2. i do share your longing. Mine is not the seaside. Mine somewhere where you could find many pinewoods and fogs. Sometimes I will visit your place, sometimes you will visit mine:)

  3. it did feel like magic.

    and i would LOVE to visit your place my dear. i've always wanted to dream up something like that. please share it with me soon!

  4. Oh, pretty, pretty words :) Yhey are magical... :)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog :)


  5. i have been wanting to go back to this dream but i can't recreate it it makes me so sad. :(

  6. hello darling! oh i'm so sorry, my apologies, i'm trying to make the colour darker (i don't like big fonts) but blogger is not letting me :(

    at the end of my posts, i have a '+' sign which links you to the original place where i find stuff. hope that helps!


  7. and so i cherish you. i love the banner! <3

  8. magic realism!!!

    So glad you're back. On blogger I mean. It's nice with something sweet among all the troubled stuff!

    XXX, Kim

  9. I love running into lovely souls such as yourself, when surfing about the blogosphere. Makes my heart feel all warm and sunny! ♥