February 19, 2010

Sand artist

This amazing artist makes you cry. I sure did. Please watch this video. It will inspire.
Have you girls been inspired by anything lately?


  1. yap, I watched this before:)

    We are in fact always inspired but how many it depends on how many we want to be open. Don't you agree?

    Have a nice day, Danica!!

  2. oh my gosh. i am speechless. and i'm totally crying! this makes my artist's heart completely overflow. i love this... thank you for sharing, darling! <3

  3. magnolia- i agree. <3

    kelly- i know!!! she paints a beautiful and true story. this girl is amazing. i'm really glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Oh my goodness.
    I am in shock. I would say that this is beautiful but that would be the biggest understatement.
    Thank you SO much for sharing this.

  5. I"ve watched it many times. and no matter how hard i try i start tearing up as the sounds of airplanes and war get louder. this video is just stunning. and i'm very happy that it has touched you as well.