February 15, 2010

in the wood one night

My favorite night gown with the lavender lace now had a hole in it from wearing it so much. I did one final spin before momma made me throw it out. At least thats what momma thinks. One night I went out into the forest with it not knowing exactly why I was going. I brought my favorite book just in case I got scared. Only a few feet into the wood something spooked me. I jumped. I ran home as fast as I could not caring if my gown got dirty. The branches grabbed at me as if trying to make me stay. I dropped my book that night. I came back the next morning and it was gone. I wonder where it could have gone.


  1. What an exciting story. It really did make me feel as if I was there.
    I will keep an eye out for your book, it may have wandered, but hopefully not too far.

    Ellie Grace

  2. It does feel like you are there, as a reader!
    Interesting story and a little said because you lost your favorite book, what was it?

  3. sounds like an adventure I would one day try:) I need to find the forest first, then..

  4. ellie- thank you. please do. i would be awfully happy if it turned up.

  5. yikes..reminds me of the time I went to the pig pen with my gramps in my night gown. it was green with daisies...needless to say I got some sniffs from piglets and it got dirty too. But I love their noses.

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