February 12, 2010


I'm home alone and the dogs are usually with me but they are in dreamland, waiting for me. This house is old. Very old. These old walls have many secrets but they don't talk too often. Every little thing creaks and cries. Especially upstairs. When someone is upstairs you can here their footsteps and the creaking. I heard them just now. I thought it was my dog because he as as large as a human. I walk upstairs slowly and soon to my surprise...Brawley is not up there..he is sleeping downstairs.
Could this be the old house contracting and expanding? Or something that far surpasses the mind. I feel like a tired old woman.


  1. lol its sad but i totally know how that feels.

    how are you babe :) hope youre doing well and that the suns smiling down on you.

    ♥ ctrlove.blogspot.com

  2. awww. thank you love. its been very cold here though. haha no sun for awhile...at least i hope so.

    how are you?