February 9, 2010

i'll find my soul as i go home

I'm just a tad bit sad. I can't help but listen to songs that remind me of the old days when I was beautiful and in love. When I would fall in love it would be hard, rough and fun. I wanted to be in love for the sake of being in love. Every day was a movie and every thing I saw was shot on film. I was so dramatic and raw. My life was like The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. I was in those films and so was everyone around me. I was full of confident energy that only knew how to escape by dancing and acting out. Kissing by my locker, late night phone calls, hanging out with friends on the bleachers pretending to be outcasts, late home work assignments and walking so tall you thought the world would collapse under your feet. Wandering through the halls and people watching. Wondering who's heart got broken that day, where they were from and where they were going. I would wonder if they would remember this place, if they would remember me. They said these years would be the best of your lives; to savor every moment. Well, I did.

"Tonight I think I'll walk alone, I"ll find my soul as I go home."


  1. your writing and images and all around vibe always leaves me with a sweet melancholy.

    But Danica, Are you talking about high school? If so, our experiences are totally different.

    XXX, Kim

  2. I confess I was too deep in books and poetry to be in love in high school, although that was a love affair of its own :)

  3. hila- i read MUCH more now. in high school i was a totally different person. well, for the most part anyways. i cared a lot about superficial things. i think i've grown up a lot..but sometimes i find myself missing the days when i was "cool" haha

  4. this was beautifully written, dear heart. i hope your sadness is lifted. <3

  5. thanks kelly. i know that whatever God has in store for me in the future is going to wonderful. but i don't know why i miss high school so much. i've been trying to figure it out.