February 13, 2010

bright star

"When I don't hear from him, it's as if I've died. As if the air is sucked out from my lungs and I'm left desolate; but when I receive a letter I know our world is real. It's the one I care for. "


  1. oh, how we know the feeling, dearest Danica :(
    I poured out my heart in a letter to you, last night. I wish I had put it in the mailbox to-day, alas incompetence has gotten the best of me, and I did not. I will put it in to-night, so that on Tuesday it shall be picked up. I shall embarrass myself by walking to the mailbox in my ridiculous pajamas, and kiss your letter goodbye♥

  2. awwww. olivia. you always make me smile. You were in such dismay I sent your letter right away but please don't feel bad for sending a day late. haha i'm actually surprised at how fast you got it, i'm glad. i always look forward to getting your letters, for you always surprise me with how creative and lovely you are.

  3. aw i so wanna see that movie! it looks so good!!! beautiful pictures! you have a great eye =]