January 10, 2010

my mother before her mother

She wrote for a popular Magazine in Argentina ( that is where we are from ) and she got to go to the White House and meet the President because she looked like Jacqueline Kennedy at the time. I think my Grandma is prettier though.
post script-one more week of vacation. =)

her now ( still beautiful and dressed to the nines )♥


  1. She's stunning. The last picture is especially beautiful. But then again she is sort of cheating... hello, Argentinean?

    Always stunning.

  2. haha. Yes, people from that country are all good looking...including me. ;)

    thank you. i'm going to post a picture of her now. :)

  3. i'm glad i stumbled upon this blog or i would never have seen such an amazing red dress. please tell me she still has that wonderful creation!

  4. I'm afraid not. She's kept a lot of stuff from like 80's-90's but not this far back. I wish!!
    Well, Michelle, thank you for stumbling today. I just started out my blog and any followers are so exciting for me.

    Feel free to ask me any questions on the formspring link above my profile picture.
    i'm dieing to answer some! haha

  5. oh, i have one i'd love to ask. keep up the blog, it's a wonderful read!

  6. thank you so much MIchelle! i'm very surpirsed by your comment. haha

    it means a lot. i love your blog too!!