January 14, 2010

my baby

Even though it is 12:30 in the morning and I should be in bed because I have a lot to do tomorrow..........I'm so happy!!! If you didn't know: I love dogs. I have two at home but this my baby ( ssshhh he's my favorite ) German Shep/Rottie mix! His name is Brawley and he is the love of my life. I love taking naps with him and cuddling and he is so sweet, gentle and kind..he's like a huge Teddy Bear. We rescued him a few years back from a shelter. He was left abandoned outside..his owners just packed and moved with out his knowledge I suppose. But this big guy definitely lives like a King now and the poor guy won't step foot outside the front door.

I'm also very happy because I'm trying out a new college group tomorrow and my fellow friend and blogger Krissie gave me an award for my blog! I'm supposed to write four things about myself but I shall do that tomorrow ( or should I say in a few hours ) when I'm not so tired. Thank you for those who are starting to read my blog. I didn't expect this to happen...I started it as a creative tool and just to write or post pictures when I'm bored; but I've come along a few friends and I'm so blessed.
Sorry this is so long! haha


  1. awww, your dog is absolutely adorable! i've never owned a dog before, but i'm staying with my boyfriend at the moment and he's got a wonderful 3 year old border terrier. the other day, after taking him outside for a little play in the snowy backyard, he came into the conservatory and lifted his paw up so i could wipe it dry.

    anyway, i don't know what you mean about that layout, sorry! hope you find the solution. x

  2. I didn't know how else to explain it but I was waiting for this blogger's permission to use her blog as an example.

    but yea! that is so cute! dogs are so smart and loving. I've always been a dog girl. I always joke that if I never get married I'll be happy with 4 dogs. haha

  3. i do. i explained it to laurence here: http://mymilkycheek.blogspot.com/2010/01/mon-journal.html

  4. wow. krissie. i'm REALLY html challenged. i tired to follow your instructions like 5 times but nothing.

    i like my fonts and colors that I have..why does it keep turning them light grey? if i have this layout can I have the font(s) size and color that i want?

    maybe this layout is too good for me. haha

    i'm sad and frustrated.

  5. hmm. that is odd that it is turning grey.
    what is your e-mail?

  6. okay. so i got your facebook message. & i have one created with the background. now i need to know if you want two sidebars or the one? if you only want one, it will get rid of some of the stuff on the sidebars. but you can easily get it back. or you can tell me what you want to keep.

    i have to leave in about 30 mins., so if i don't hear back from you til then, i will be back later and can work on it as well, dear.

  7. THANK YOU!! :D
    You're so sweet! Your dream sounds perfectly cozy♥

  8. Thank you! Rolling around in sugar helps. and you are most welcome. :)

  9. lovely danica, I have not yet received your email :(
    perhaps you misread it? it is: magpieswish@gmail.com

    & thank you ever so much for your lovely words. They make me smile ♥

    p.s your dog is so very adorable. He looks really sweet; his colours are like caramel an honey ♥

  10. oh, and I'm sorry I don't know how to do the layout thing, either! I've tried for ages but I can't get it, and I can't search it. most irritating, yes? and the others bloggers won't help me :(

  11. awww. thanks! hes a great doggie. <3
    i know I was SUPER frustrated about it. I've been wanting it since I started blogging but I'm so html challenged I didn't even know where to begin. But a super nice girl I met from blogging is helping me with it. In her comment above ( the owl diary ) she posted something about it. maybe you will have better luck with it.

    post script- I sent it again!

  12. Congratulations on your award!

    Brawley is soooo adorable!

  13. cute blog!

    lovelove, M.