January 16, 2010

letters from the past Vol. 1


  1. oh, this is so beautiful. i adore old letters ever so. the memories, the thoughts <3 oh and your blog is so lovely dear, i am your enwest follower :) <3

  2. thank you! BY the way...can you read it at all? i tried a million things to make it look old and i'm afraid the print is too light because of it. haha

    i want a quill pen for my birthday.

  3. this is so pretty. & i posted my crown diy finally!

  4. thank you!
    and I just saw it....so pretty and you are so talented.

  5. darling darling, quite magical. 1918....oh, this captures my heart♥
    xx your new (&forever) friend, olivia

  6. thank you olivia. friends forever. <3
    If I had a time machine I would go to 1918.

  7. Danica!

    Love this post.

    I think love was much more flagrant and tangible during WWI and 2.

    They had nothing but the chance to love.

  8. The way you put it was very beautiful. And I completely agree. I think love back then was simple, genuine and true. I've always dreamed about writing letters to my live like in the old days.

    I also have to say how lucky we are now to have technology though at the same time. My cousin is in Iraq right now and we talk on facebook all the time.

    I can't even fathom how hard it must have been to write letters back and forth and have the censors literally scratch out with a knife anything in the letter they didn't like. Sad.

  9. old letters are completely magical. they really are... i just love them.