January 18, 2010

january rain

outside my window

There are hardly any beautiful trees in Southern California..but luckily there are some outside my window. In my room...I'm in Washington. Thee end.

I just got back to school and I've been super duper busy! Commuting back in forth between cities, clients, on the go!!!

P.S I finally got a memory card for Goldie so when I'm not in school I will be taking pictures again.


  1. I could not live in a place without trees, that would be quite dreadful.

    You're lucky to have trees right outside your window.

  2. you are so right. I wouldn't live in a desert if someone paid me a katrilliongillian dollars.

  3. i adore trees. you would love the park at the end of my street, i posted pictures of them on my blog once around thanksgiving. they're big, beautiful trees that change with the seasons. right now they're bare but in the fall their leaves turn red and orange and yellow and pink. so gorgeous. there are also lots of amazing forests and parks and conservatories in orange county and los angeles that are really beautiful that you would like. we shall have to meet up someday and i'll show you! ;) <3

  4. awww. that sounds lovely!!! my basically live in a valley. too hot and not enough trees for me.

    in the town that my family lives in Washington...every street and corner has trees. its just magnificent.

    yes! that is a good idea!!! :)

    do you have a facebook kelly ann?

  5. i do, my love!