January 29, 2010


Today at school we had a well known hair stylist named Yosh Toya do a presentation in our theory class. He is in his mid 70's and is "retired" but still works behind a chair once in a while but gives back to the industry by speaking in cosmetology schools. He was the cutest things I have ever seen with a pure smile that came from his heart and his broken English. He told us about his career and how much doing hair means to him. I love hearing people talk about what they do with such a passion it makes me teary eyed. Yosh gave us a lot of great tips about how to be successful in this business. He actually reminded me of my grandfather and it was very comforting and fun to have him at our school. Yosh has done hair for 49 years and now loves fishing and traveling with his beautiful wife. He said, "being a hair stylist will make your many dreams come true. " My dreams are already coming true. I am filled with so much inspiration, joy and excitement I feel like screaming and I'm already tearing up as I type this. I'm very blessed to be so passionate about my career and my dreams. Some people don't want to get up in the morning. My heart breaks for them.


  1. hey i go to the hair salon in those photos! how funny is that?! i've gone there for years now, my good friend is one of the main stylists there. did you take these pictures? such a small world. :)

    i love that you have a dreamer's heart like me. we need each other's support and encouragement! <3

  2. VERY small world. haha I've met the manager before but they aren't hiring assistants right now...maybe by the time i graduate.

    but this is the salon i've been wanting to work out..i still have to shop for some more though.

    and i agree. support. support. support. soul sistas.

  3. this is a really neat salon! i love the colors! and what a lovely story, too =]


  4. It is great to feel that way, now that I've started art school it seems like such a waste to choose a carreer you're not passionate about, especially when your young. A lot of my friends chose to study something they're not really that excited about and now that I know what it feels like to have that passion it seems so absurd not to chase that feeling. I'm glad you're happy too.
    Love those pictures btw.

  5. i'm so glad you have pride in your dreams. to not have dreams must be such a horrible thing. i hope yours come true!

  6. oh, i just love getting that feeling! what an inspiration he was! and now you've passed it on to us, and i thank you for that.
    it's like a bit of magic has been sprinkled upon my day.

    i am so very happy your dreams are coming true <3


  7. aahh alison sudol!!! she has been one of my heroes for years. i love finding others who love her, too. :) she's such an inspiration, and her music speaks to me more than anyone else's. she's my favorite musical artist in the whole world. i saw her in concert last year and i'm not going to lie, it changed my life a little bit. so breathtaking! :)

  8. blue night owl- i'm glad you are perusing what you love as well! best of luck with art my dear!

    michelle- thank you@!!

    angelica- thank you for your sweet words. i'm glad that he left a little magic for you. i will remember his words of wisdom until the day i die.

    kelly- her music makes me smile so much my jaw hurts. haha. she is a beautiful and talented little creature. i LOVE her!!! i'm so jealous you saw her live!!! if i could hang out with one person in the entire world i would pick her. <3

  9. ugggggh. i love this so much!

    alison sudo <3

  10. Hello, thank you for finding me. Your Blog is so lovely. It's been a pleasure and a joy to visit you here. I love this post so much. My father always raised me with the view 'the most fortunate people are those who can make their living by their own skills and talents.' This is what I am working towards still (with my writing) I hate jobs that don't call to your soul (I have done more than my fair share of those!)

  11. you are very welcome!!! i love all your vintage looking photos; they make me so happy. :)

    well josephine, i agree with your father. thank you so much for sharing that with me.