January 26, 2010

grandma's hidden gems

I'm sorry I haven't had any interesting posts lately but school has been really busy and my grandparent's computer is very slow and my time on the computer here is slim to none.

I did manage to take some cute photos of what I call "hidden gems". Ordinary things that when photographed or appreciated....are beautiful!

I miss my dogs and my computer but school is school and I'm here to learn as much as I can.

Hope you all are having a lovely week. How are you guys?! I miss you!


  1. I miss you! I miss all my fellow bloggers. I don't get to visit blogs as often with school, which makes me sad. These are beautiful photographs. I love the teapots. Hope school is going well, dear. xx

  2. i know! I'm in school from 7:45 to 4:30. I'm so out of it now. haha
    thank you! we are big tea people. anyways, I'm great...just school, church and my blog are my life right now.
    how are you?

  3. hi danica! thank you oh so much for following. you have such a pretty blog. hehe i love it- "raised on good morals and good music". :)


  4. adorable collections! i'm really digging dotted cupboards nowadays.

    thanks for the honorable follow (:


  5. things are horribly busy on this end, too! i haven't posted in over a week and have so much i want to say but no time to put it together concisely and prettily for prying eyes.

    i love finding little 'treasures', these photos are quite sweet.

    hope school gets less busy for you! xx

  6. no problem Brigitte!! and thank you!

    michelle-what have you been up to? and although being busy means no posts..being busy with clients is a good thing on my end. haha

    and thank you for the photo compliments. <3

  7. i think that your blog is ever so lovely. x

  8. i think that your blog is ever so lovely. x

  9. thank you for the comment, dearest! xox