January 18, 2010

a diamond day: a story

I felt a shake and maybe a cry; the air was crisp but no one had died. I suddenly felt soft fur against my feet and I let out a shiver. There I lay with a family of foxes guarding my sleep and against my shoulder.

Waiting patiently to awake from my dream; they lead me to a winding path covered with green. I thanked them and they agreed. The sound of a babbling brook and animals pattering; I had to see what else might be. The leaves crunching under my feet, the foxes smiling and the child that lived along the lane made me forget that nothing was to be gained.

The family of foxes let out a sigh and said, "we have arrived."

They lead me further into the wood and a house came into view. As we walked closer the trees looked as though they were giving us a show, making the house seem more beautiful as it was so.

There lay a table set for tea, especially made for me. The foxes suggested we play outside; they know the outside. We lay upon the grass so long and tall. I squinted at the sun and managed a smile; my smile grew wider as some horses ran by. Another place to be, just a word to say. Just another love to give and a diamond day.


  1. precious! you always have the best pictures too!
    XXX, Kim

  2. a wonderfully dream-like story, danica. thank you for sharing it! it brought back memories of when i played Mrs. Fox in a Fantastic Mr. Fox play in primary school, and i had to pretend to burrow through carpet.

  3. thank you!! SO much. you girls are so nice to me. haha

    these were in some little town south of seattle some place. i don't recall. there are soo many things like this in washington I loose count of where all the magic is.


  4. aw, thanks for your nice comment! your blog is so sweet!

  5. so, so lovely. such pretty pictures and i love the feather that now appears at the end of each post. :) hope you're doing lovely, dear! xx

  6. aww. thank you krissie!! i have the html code for it if you want it! i wanted to have my little key there but i've seen another girl have it and i didn't want her to get mad at me so i put a cute little feather. haha

    i'm doing well. back to school full time...blehh. haha

    how are you?

    p.s i live with grandparents while i'm at school and there computer is JURASSIC. it took 5 minutes to load my blog dashboard. yikes!

  7. Faux Naif- thank you! and by the way..your little flapper picture is divine. you are cuter than a button. I love 1920's fashion...I even used to do and wear my own finger waves. :)