January 15, 2010

an award, you say?

I have been given an award from The Owl Diary!!! I'm supposed to write four things about myself and pass it on! This is my first little award thingi so I'm very happy and thankful. I got the award a couple days ago and I've managed to put it off because I can't think of anyone to pass it on to. haha

1. When I was a little girl I would always pray for a little sister. When my mom was finally pregnant with her she said I could name her middle name....I picked Shea. Turns out Shea means "asked for". I was 9 when she was born.

2. You probably would have never guessed but late Junior High-Early High School I was very punk. Like Sex pistols, Addicts and Buzzcocks punk. haha

3. I lived by myself in Ecuador for a whole summer and got to live like a queen. My room was larger than my parents room. I had my own bathroom and I woke up when ever I wanted, had breakfast made for me and I would just go on a taxi and explore the city. This was ( I think ) my sophomore year going into junior year.

4. I feel so connected to mountains, forests and babbling brooks; I dream about them daily. But I have never touched snow nor gone camping but I hope to soon.

I am going to pass this award onto:

From f r o m

Soul Jane

Deirdre Figs



  1. I feel VERY honored my dear.

    You are a pinnacle of good taste and beauty.
    It's incredible the connection you can make with someone over the internet.

    Sometimes I feel it's stronger and more REAL than relationships that are tangible.

    I will shortly be passing on this honor.
    I'll keep ya posted :)

  2. awwww thank you so much! That compliment means more than you think Courtney!!

    I look forward to seeing you four things about you!!

  3. Ecuador?! How neat!
    & I love the new header & background.

  4. thank you and i couldn't have done it with out you!!

    post script- my post about the owl diary is coming soon!

  5. Congratulations!

    That summer you had sounds amazing. So is that story about your little sister by the way.

  6. thank you!
    yes that summer was so fun!
    and my sister and I love each other so much even though we are so far apart.

  7. oh, thank you so much! x

    i'm looking forward to writing my four things. yours were a delight to read, i like knowing random facts about people.

    your time in ecuador sounds like it was fabulous!

  8. you are very welcome! I know its fun, huh?
    I might do another 4 things about myself just for fun. haha

  9. thank you thank you thank you a hundred times over! i am flattered to no end.
    oh, i always wanted a little sister who i could dress up and play with (but i have a little brother who i love with all my heart)
    & i know exactly what you mean with mountains, forests and brooks. how i wish that i lived in the countryside (i live in london)

    thank you again.
    much love, Minna xxxxxxx

    ps. i adore your layout

  10. you don't know HOW green with envy I am Minna!!! First of all...ever since Junior high maybe even before I've wanted to live in London.
    All my favorite bands are from England: Depeche Mode, Soft Cell
    and of course....in Junior high I had an OBSESSION with Prince William. I even had a little folder that I would cut out clippings of him in magazines. hahaha

    There is not realistic way I could move there but I would like to visit someday.

    Have you ever been to California?

    p.s i look forward to seeing your 4 things about you!

  11. oh, yes Prince William :)
    he is rather nice isn't he?
    he he he. and i have to admit, i do love English music, although i love american music too, and all sorts of other types. I love london, i really do, but at the moment it doesn't seem right for me, and i would give almost anything to live in the countryside, or in france, germany or finland.
    i have never been to california, but i would LOVE to go! it seems so sunny and nice :D i have only crossed the atlantic twice. once to Boston and once to Mexico. but i would love to go EVERYWHERE in america, if thats humanly possible :D my friends and i plan to do a huge roadtrip at some point. so i guess we'd better start saving!
    much love,
    minna ♥

  12. you are a young and although they say this life is short...i don't think it is. haha you have plenty of time to dream, wander and travel.

    well..if you ever come to california..give me a ring!!! I MUST take you to Disney Land.