December 31, 2010

Jumping For Joy!!

I am happy to tell you that I finally got a job!!!! I will be starting part time and going into full time after two months as a Nanny for a gorgeous family in Irvine! I was so excited when I got the call that I literally jumped and screamed and I'm sure if someone was with me holding a camera this is what I would have looked like. :)

Steve and I have been praying for me to find some steady money in childcare...and putting all our trust and hope in the Lord....He came through! This is so huge for us and now I really feel like we are making progress. After New Years we plan to open a savings account and start putting in pretty pennies for our marriage fund. Gosh, God is so good and it never ceases to amaze me how He keeps His word, how He gives abundantly and how He loves. Now that I will be making steady money I can easily take care of my own car insurance and save for my future with my wonderful fiance. I feel soo good right now I can't even contain myself. Never give up ladies! Never stop believing that God will take care of it.

Psalm 31:14
But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, "You are my God."

Can I share something with you? The mom called tonight and said she only chose to interview two people. She said that the other person she interviewed was a little older than me, had been a nanny before and had much more experience....but she chose to go with her gut...and that was me. My faith, my values, my personality and my character won her over and I have no one else to thank except Jesus Christ.

December 29, 2010

Time Capsule Wednesday: Haydee at the Piano

Early 1950's.

My Grandfather madly in love with my Grandmother playing the piano at their engagement party.

Love vintage photographs? I will ( try ) to be posting a weekly vintage photo of my family or any photo that captures my soul. Time capsule Wednesdays...see how long you last. haha

December 25, 2010

Fiance Fitness

When I first met Stephen I weighed about 190 pounds ( I'm 5'5 ). I was at least a size 14 ( U.S ) and now 9 months later I weigh about 170 and I've gotten back into my size 10 and 12 jeans!!!! In high school I would go to the gym all the time and hardly eat but latley I've been doing yoga and strength training at least 4 days a week and trying to not drink soda.....and wallah!!I'm not "normal"....according to Wii Fit I'm very overweight but I don't give a crap. I fit into my size 10 and that's all that I care about. I also do want to get more serious about losing more because I am engaged now. Although I have no idea when the wedding can't hurt to start up fiance fitness. :)

I can't even remember the last time I wore something sleeveless...yikes!!! I've always hated my arms but I'm getting slightly braver again.

I know it's Christmas and I shouldn't be worrying about my weight...but then again..what normal woman doesn't worry about her weight around the holidays?! If I can stay motivated I will keep you posted. ( I've blogged a lot about weight issues so I'm sure you're not surprised. ) Well my dears, I'm going to go to bed now...can't wait for Stephen to get home. Merry Christmas!!!

December 24, 2010

grandma sweaters

No matter how many wonderful clothes my family gets me for Christmas...nothing ever compares to getting a sweater or cardigan from Grandma's closet.

Since I can remember I've asked her to borrow something and she says, "just keep it." Grandma's clothes are so special and I wonder if she knows how much they mean to me. I'm sure she wouldn't believe me if I told her I rather have one of her coats then go to Forever 21 but hey... maybe I'll get lucky this year. ;)

December 23, 2010

my fiance is a geek

It has been raining non stop for the past week here and the other night it was raining so hard that there was a big leak in our computer room. Stephen and my sister put glasses under the window at first but then my geeky fiance thought of something much more clever:

He watches too much Macgyver.

But I'm glad I will be marrying somewhat of a handy man. My fiance is wonderful. Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Adam! ( Because tomorrow is Christmas Eve. ) Okay, yea, that was really dumb. I'm so tired.

December 19, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Like Krissie from the Owl Diary I decided to try to make a little fashion collage. It was actually quite a lot of fun and these are a few of my favorite things this season:Boots, coats, Cover Girl's Lip Stain ( I want every color for Christmas! ), E.L.F's eye shadow pallet of natural browns...inside comes with a step by step to create that perfect smokey eye and of course...I've been wearing my knit beanies and my glasses only because I think it makes me look cuter and more sophisticated. Well, that's it for now. See you girls soon.

P.S I can't wait for Christmas!!! It's almost here! :)

December 18, 2010

Brawley Passed Away

Unfortunately, my favorite dog Brawley had to be put down today. Back problems in bigger dogs are very common and his back got progressively worse and the medicine was no longer working. I thought he was getting better for a moment because just the other day he got onto to sofa by himself ( which he wasn't able to do for awhile ). I thought everything would be okay but then the worst came. He could barely go to the bathroom, eat or walk....his hind legs were buckling behind him and he would constantly be yelping and bellowing in pain. Poor baby. The poor dog was taking like 15 pills a day or more and it was just awful and we didn't want to admit it but it was just time for him to be put to rest. Brawley was hands down the best dog we've ever had. He was everyone's favorite and I just hope everyone will not be too upset before Christmas comes.

A past post about my baby: here.

So sad. :( I miss you so much already Brawlo!

December 16, 2010

Wrap, wrap, wrap

Stephen and I bought and wrapped presents for the family the other day and he actually picked out super cute wrapping paper and even wrapped the presents way better than I could. ( My mom wouldn't find that hard to believe. ) Anyways...I went shopping for him today and half way through I thought to myself, "I'm buying Christmas presents for my fiance." It's only been a couple weeks and I'm still stumbling on the word and pinching myself to make sure it's real. I love the things I got him and I honestly think this will be the best Christmas either one of us has ever had. I've never shared Christmas with the love of my life before! haha I feel wonderful.

P.S Are any of you good at wrapping presents? I could ask my mom to wrap them but she can only do them for me for so long. ;) Maybe there is a gift wrapping class some place.

December 11, 2010

Magazine Christmas Tree

This is my first Arts and Crafts slash tutorial and I hope it works out okay for you! This was my mom's idea and I thought it would be a fun blog post! This is a fun and easy Christmas project and I hope you enjoy!

Magazine Trees How-To:

1. Open magazine and bend to break spine.

2. Use anything flat to straighten and flatten page edges for a clean line.
3. Fold individual page from top right corner to inside seam. Fold same page from bottom right edge to gutter.

4. Fold bottom triangle of each additional magazine page up, making the bottom of the tree flat. Then, fold top of all pages down to form the tree shape.

5. Spray -paint tree desired color. ( We picked gold ). Immediately sprinkle glitter over wet paint or you can use spray adhesive as well. Let dry. Decorate with a star ornament if desired.
Finished project!

Instructions all together:
1. Open magazine and bend to break spine.
2. Use anything straight to flatten the edges for a clean line.
3. Fold individual page from top right corner to inside seam. Fold same page from bottom right edge to gutter.
4. Fold bottom triangle of each additional magazine page up, making the bottom of the tree flat. Then, fold top of all pages down to form tree shape.
5. Spray-paint folded tree desired color. Immediately sprinkle glitter over wet paint or you can use spray adhesive as well. Let dry. Decorate with a star or ornament if desired.

December 8, 2010

A Frosty and Colorful Evening

Ever since purchasing the Disney pass we have gone every now and then even for a couple hours just to see a show or walk around { I love doing that! }. Anyways, we saw this new show called "The World of Color" at CA Adventure park and it was amazing!!!! Goosebumps, chills...incredible!!! You can only really "see" the show if you get a fast pass ticket but we decided to purchase this cool picnic meal thing where we get this picnic pack with fried chicken, apple pie, potato salad and coleslaw! Sounds awesome right?!

So not awesome. We went on one ride and by the time we got to the food it was so cold it was seriously decide to go back and complain but before that...we went to the tortilla building and got some free warm tortillas! { It was super cold and it seemed better than cold chicken }. Although the picnic food sucked we still had the fast pass tickets for the show! Yay! I've been waiting such a long time to see this and we get front row spots right above the water! Standing there with Stephen watching this incredible water/light show...what a night! I also just love having a fiance that is so much taller than me that he stands behind me in line and puts his long arms across my shoulders. Such a wonderful feeling! But anyways, before I get mushy...this show is amazing! I highly recommend going early in the morning to get fast passes but screw the picnic meal guys! { unless you like frozen fried chicken }.

Here is a short video clip of one of the musical numbers in the show! { From one of my favorite Disney Princesses.. although Ariel has been my favorite since I was a child...Snow White is my new favorite because I got proposed to at her wishing well. I love you Snow White. ;) }

December 5, 2010

Stephen and Lucy Presents:

"Oh Christmas Dog"

I've watched this 15 times and I still can't get over how funny her face is towards the end when Stephen pulls her mouth up. So funny!

P.S Don't you just love Lucy's adorable winter wear?!

December 4, 2010

Travelers of Narnia, I am your guide.

I'd really love to see the new Narnia movie. ♥

December 1, 2010

Our Engagement Story

On November 29th, 2010 Stephen proposed! ♥

I would have gotten up, showered and gotten ready like any old trip to Disney Land ( sweats, T-shirt, old shoes ) But instead...I wore something a little bit nicer and did my hair and make-up just in case he happens to propose today. I'm still fumbling through layers of clothing when Stephen walks up and sits at the top of the stairs waiting for me to finish dressing. I open the door as I put my jacket on and he looks at me smiles and says, "Today is going to be a fantastic day." A little strange but cute nonetheless. I'm just wondering why he has his nice suede jacket and his hair all jelled ( which he only does for special occasions or for work ) and why he has this goofy grin on his face.....I feel like something is coming! We get in the car and we are on the free way and he mentions that he has a reservation for us at 5:30. "Reservations!? For what, why!?" I said with jolting pictures in my head of him kneeling on one knee. :) He said that he made reservations for Big Thunder Mountain ( a cool BBQ restaurant near Thunder Mountain roller coaster. ) Walking now through Disney Land's Main Street...Stephen is gushing over the Christmas decorations. ( He didn't gush last time we were here. hmmm. )

He insists we walk through the castle and right as we walk under I thought he was going to propose but no cigar. We went on the tea cups ride and then we walk around to where the Castle begins again. He tells me there is this cool Easter egg/hidden mickey he researched online that he wants me to see. Okaaaay? Stephen says, "It's very sparkly...I think you'll like it." I can feel its coming but I act sorta dumb just in case he doesn't. He walks me down to Snow White's Wishing Well where there was this beautiful bridge with pink hearts and a fountain with Snow White statues and ( of course ) the wishing well which played "Someday My Prince Will Come".

He points me in the direction of the fountain and tells me to look for this stone towards the center at the very bottom. It takes me a few seconds to realize that there is no "stone" and Steve is no beside me....I turn around and low and behold...Stephen is on one knee with his gorgeous blue eyes gleaming and a blue box with my ring inside. ( Ahhhhhhh!!!!) Stephen proceeded with, "Danica, I love you so much and I would be more than honored for you to be my wife. Will you marry me?" I stood still for a moment and then let out an eager yes! He put the ring on my finger and there we were. Engaged and at Disney Land. Couldn't be any better.
Stephen immediately changed our status on facebook ( because that is so important ) while I texted all my friends and family.

Stephen's hands were shaking and I was still so shocked by this ring on my finger and knowing that what just happened was not a dream. After the initial proposal we went over to this store that sells pins near the Pirates ride and got this huge pins that say "Just engaged!" They were so cute and they gave it to us for free! We then headed over to Big Thunder Ranch and we got the best table right in front of the stage. Although outside seating only the place was very charming with gorgeous Christmas decorations mixed with a country loveliness that only Disney Land can achieve. We had an awesome all you can eat BBQ with chicken, ribs, sausage, corn, beans the whole thing! But no, we didn't just get dinner...we got a whole show! These entertainers came out and started singing and noticed our Just Engaged pins...immediately asked us who we are and bla bla bla. They dedicated a song to us by putting our names in the songs and it was so cute! So a magical proposal, a fabulous dinner and a cute little show....seriously...the best day of my entire life thus far.
Where I was looking for the "stone"
So excited! This calls for a smooch!

Happy, happy, happy girl!

Happy new engaged couple.
My gorgeous princess cut ring.

Stephen is just glad I said yes.
Sitting at dinner at Big Thunder Ranch.
The entertainers.
A magical ending to a magical day.

November 30, 2010

He Proposed at Disney Land!

I can't believe I'm engaged as of yesterday! I will give you the full story and some more pictures as soon as I can ( but I wanted to just share it with you all now ). I am the happiest woman on the planet!!!! I can't stop looking at my ring or saying "fiance". I hope it doesn't pass too soon. ;)

November 27, 2010

Our First Date At Disney Land

Hopefully there will be more magic here soon..... ;)

November 17, 2010

The Male Response to Female Behavior

Stephen here. Since Danica spends so much time on this blog I figure I should write something for a change since this website is mine also.

As Danica has made perfectly clear, from the string of posts prior to this one, last week was probably one of the most disastrous weeks anybody could go through. With the combination of: a car accident, sheer disappointment from expectations, physical sickness and emotional wreckage, Danica pretty much endured it all last week. For any normal person it's very easy to just want to crawl under a rock and stay there for the rest of the week, or even longer until the pain officially goes away.

Danica did not do that however. She's battled through every obstacle and eventually made it through the week. It was hard for her to accept what happened at first but for the most part now she has come to terms with the situation and can move forward from it. What was my role during this whole ordeal? Well, I was the supportive boyfriend. I was there to comfort her and tell her that everything was going to be alright, which it was going to be. I provided encouragement and a shoulder to cry on as well. A jerk can tell her woman to stop crying and get over it, but a true man will always be there for his woman in times of trouble. I can't say that I've always been a source of encouragement for Danica. There were rough times throughout our relationship where I was a jerk to her and didn't give her the proper support she needed. Shame on me. I've learned from those times and realize that I do not want to be that kind of man ever again.

To all you men out there, treat your ladies right and shower her with love. A plant can only blossom if it's watered and has good soil, which is also like taking care of your woman. As for me, I'm going to continue loving Danica the best that I possibly can.

November 16, 2010

Looking Up

From my car accident, to money worries and any worry you can think of: Stephen loves taking me to "the top of the world" in Laguna Beach were you climb up this hidden hill and you can look out over all of Orange County and the's really something special. We went up there yesterday and did our couples devotional and just looked at the sunset and tried to relax and put everything behind us. I ended up smiling and thinking about how wonderful this man is; that he can comfort me when I think all else has failed. I was so upset ( and still am a little ) but I'm going to try and be content and forget about the past. We are going to put last week behind us and start fresh. Thank you God for those moments of comfort and stillness. Even when I walk through the shadows I can still find joy in my heart because of You. Things are looking up and I can't wait to continue this week on the right foot.

( added 5 minutes after original post )
I love how I talk to me mom after writing this post and find out that I literally can't drive anymore. I'm done. No more driving. This is my second accident and now I can't be on my parent's insurance. Well, isn't that a wonderful blow to the stomach.

1. I can't go to 1st service anymore by myself and then go teach Sunday school. ( So now I'll have to look to get fed else where )
2. I can't go to the store real fast, go to Stephen's house, pick up my sister from school if need be. ( a.k.a my independence )
3. I'm going to have to rely on other people for rides and to get me places on time. ( never fun )


November 14, 2010

Asian for a day

Stephen ( if you haven't read our About Us is from Hong Kong and he loves Chinese food ) suggested we have Dim sum after church and I was all for it because Dim sum is one of my favorite things to eat as well. So we invite the family after church and we all have a good time. After we eat we stop at this Hello Kitty store across the street and find a photo booth. I had never done one of these before and it was very fun! My sister Tasmin is in these too in case you were wondering. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Do you enjoy photo booths like this one?

November 13, 2010

good morning honey

Good morning honey. Just wanted to let you know that I'm about to go to bed and I'm still feeling really lovey dovey. I love you so much sweetheart. last night I was thinking about how good life is being with you. It warms my soul. I'm glad that we've made huge strides in our relationship over the last few months and are continuing to grow in one another. I'm just at loss for words to say how happy i am that I'm going to marry you and be with you the rest of my life. I hope you have a good start to the day tomorrow honey. I'll be thinking and dreaming about you. I love you darling.

November 10, 2010


He's not finished with me yet. God is doing something.

I just have to wait and see.