April 29, 2014


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March 19, 2014

Anybody here?

This blog got hacked and google shut me out for more then a month. I thought my only option was to start another blog but suddenly....this blog came back from the dead! So if you are wonderful and amazing.....please follow me at my new URL: http://lovedanica.blogspot.com

Thank you so much! It's been hard starting all over, whoever followed me here, you are appreciated!

February 7, 2014

seven: encouragement

when weary won't let you rest...
when you're burdened, feeling weak...

keep longing for Him, keep going...

He is with you. always. seek Him.

Jeremiah 29:12
"then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and i will hear you."

that is a beautiful promise that speaks to my heart, He is always there. He will always meet us where we are when we simply look for Him. i've had an emotional week and my heart has been heavy but i can have hope because i know Jesus always has me in His hands. i have felt burdened lately and something that really lifted my spirits was a post from Sincerely, Lo blog featuring a song from kari jobe. i'm listening to it right now on repeat. thank you sister for posting that because i've felt so encouraged by it. where ever you are, whatever you are going through...God is with you. keep going.

(photos from weheartit)

February 6, 2014

six: beauty must haves for a "benebabe"

if you follow me on instagram you'll know i accionally post my current make up faves by Benefit. it is my favorite cosmetic company and both my grandma and mom use it. let's just say Benefit has been around for awhile in our family. here is a list of my favorite Benefit products i use everyday! you can find Benefit products at any department store, Ulta or Sephora.
1. Porefessional: i put some on my T-zone and any spots i get oily during the day on my face before i apply my foundation. this is seriously a miracle "primer" that fills in all your pores and leaves your skin smooth and helps your make up stay on longer! 
2. Big Beautiful Eyes: one of the reasons i love Benefit is because their make up is classy, natural but still fun. this palette is my favorite because these neutral colors go with anything and the color lasts on your lids and it's very high quality. i've had mine for over a year and i still have alot left...you definitly get bang for your buck with Benefit.
3. One Hot Minute: another everyday wear is one hot minute bronzer. i'm not pasty but i will definitely light up a room with my "whiteness" if i go with just foundation. without any type of bronzer i don't have much depth or warmness in my face so this product works wonders. this bronzer is also not like most where its just brown. this bronzer has a rose tint in it that makes it much more natural. no bold brown streaks across your cheek bones here!
4. They're Real: the most amazing mascara i've ever tried. they're real has gotten tons of awards and is all it's cracked up to be ladies. please just try it...you'll thank me later! i've seriously gotten the question, "are your lashes real?". seriously.
5. Benetint: if you're guy complains about not being able to kiss you because you have lipstick on...this is a go getter! my hubby loves this product because he can still kiss me and it doesn't come off! this product called benetint lasts all day and smells sweet like roses. you can also dot and blend on your cheeks for a natural flush as well. 

hope you try some of these! they are more expseisve then your regular target/drug store make up but it's worth it because 

a) it's good quality and lasts all day
b) Benefit packaging is adorable and interesting
c) the actual products last for over a year
d) they're company orginates from San Francisco. that makes them the best in my opinion 

let me know if you decide to try any of these....have a great rest of your week.


February 5, 2014

five: a devotional for wives

so here it goes, day five of the #blogeverydayinFEB challenge from Anchored in Love blog!
if you are a christian and you've been on the internet in the last few months i highly doubt you haven't seen Unveiled Wife floating around. i fell upon their facebook page a few months ago and loved seeing all the posts from wives saying how much God has blessed them through this devotional. after reading several amazing comments and seeing cute pictures of the book with their wedding rings (awwww) i felt compelled to check it out. but to be completely honest, i have a real short attention span when it comes to devotionals.

thoughts to myself as i'm going through the christian section at a bookstore:
"three month devotional? next! six month devotional? yea right! a year devotional? are you out of your ever lovin mind?"
so yea, when i saw that this devotional was only thirty days and written specifically for wives?? (insert angels singing hallelujah) i was ecstatic!
 i ordered it right away and began first thing the day it came in the mail. it is obvious this author has prayed over every word in this devotional because there was not one day i missed, not one prayer that didn't meet my needs; there wasn't one of those thirty days that i did not take something away from it. if you are a wife and love the Lord and want to get closer to both your Savoir and your husband this devotional is for you sister! my favorite thing about this book has to be the designated space for journaling after each devotion. i loved having space to write because usually when i read something like this i'm too lazy to have a separate journal so it was a nice perk for motivation. another thing i enjoyed in this book were the special hash tags and places to follow along in the Unveiled Wife community. they give you plenty of opportunities to connect to other women going through the devotional at the same time you are via blog, facebook or twitter. i completed the devotion a few weeks ago and still go back and read/pray over specific prayers in the devotional that i feel led to still go over. God has worked in me through this book and i know He will do the same for you whether you've been a wife for thirty days or thirty years. now all i have to do is buy one of those cute t-shirts that say "i love my husband"! yes, they even have t-shirts. (you can buy them: here)

also here is a cute video that also inspired me to purchase the devotional. please watch!

p.s have any of you gone through this devotional? any others similar to Unveiled Wife you recommend?